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Advanced Surgery

Our Surgeons offer a wide range of advanced surgery for your pets

Our dedicated, highly trained and experienced veterinary surgeons are able to offer a wide range of advanced surgery for your pet, should the need arise. Keeping abreast of the most up to date techniques in veterinary, we aim to get your pets on the road to recovery.
Our team of compassionate, professional veterinary surgeons have between them a wealth of surgical experience to get your pet on the road to recovery in most situations.

Whether your pet has a broken leg, an abdominal tumour, or has a bone stuck inside their stomach, our surgeons have the experience to fix the problem. And when your pet needs surgery, you'll want a surgeon who has had advanced training and lots of experience in the most up-to-date surgical techniques, which is why we invest in our veterinary surgeons' knowledge and expertise.

Lockwood Veterinary Group's Surgeons perform complicated, specialised surgeries every year. Our surgical suites have the most modern equipment and patient monitoring capabilities to safeguard your pet's health. After surgery, your pet will be monitored in our inpatient unit, which is monitored by our incredible nursing staff, who under the direction of the surgeon, assure your pet is clean, comfortable, free of pain and on the road to recovery.

You can always be assured your pet will receive expert and compassionate care in the hands of our surgery team or the specialists that our team work closely with.

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